The story of a success - Cheyene Jackson

Cheyenne David Jackson is an American actor, singer and songwriter. His credits include leading roles in Broadway musicals as well as film and television roles, concerts, and music recordings. Let your marvelous companion from Sex Zürich scene tell you how this amazing artist has been able to successfully accomplish his most desired goals.

From the forest of Idaho to the world of cinema

Son of a Native American father, Cheyenne David Jackson was born on July 12, 1975. He learned to sing when he was little along with his brothers. It was his mother the one who encouraged him to develop his most valued artistic gifts. As your spectacular girls from Sex Zürich experience will tell you, he moved to Washington when he was a teenager and revealed his homosexuality at the age of 19.

In Seattle, he worked as an executive in a magazine. However, once he discovered what Broadway was about, he realized that he wanted to become an actor like the ladies from AND6.


Cheyene Jackson participated in several Broadway plays including Xanadu and Damn Yankees. His first lead role was in All Shook Up (2005), for which he earned a prize. Currently the famous American actor is well known for his participation in series such as Glee or American Horror Story as your dazzling lady from Sex Zürich website will tell you.

He also has an impressive resume as a singer. For such reason, he is one of the most widely acclaimed artists in the world of adult entertainment. In the beginning of his career as a singer, he has been able to work with renowned artists such as Liza Minnelli and Vanessa Williams.

On May 10, 2012, he released his first non-theater-related single called "Drive" along with his first music video. In recent years he has been searching for his true musical identity, exploring his origins by going back to his childhood and to the first songs that he loved so much back then.

When Jackson was a child, he felt more connected to artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald as your splendid lady from Sex Zürich platform will tell you. It is their classic musical style the one that inspires him to sing instead of the trendy rhythms.


A versatile and talented artist

There are shows for all tastes and colors; from zombies to superheroes; from horror stories to adult entertainment programs. One of those series that is receiving a lot of attention is American Horror Story. This is a FX production that has gained a lot of fans during the last couple of years.

Cheyenne Jackson has joined the cast of the famous television series for the sixth season. He already gave life to the hotel owner Will Drake in the fifth season of American Horror Story. However he has decided to return to the show performing a different character. He shares the stage with other prominent artists like Angela Bassett, Lady GaGa and Evan Peters among others.

American Horror Story has been a pioneer in terms of creating a new style of television and has become one of the series with the highest audience rate.

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