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Best songs of Cheyenne Jackson

If you haven’t heard of Cheyenne Jackson then you are not updated on the most gorgeous and hottest man alive. He was born in the month of July, the year 1975, currently 42 years old. Not only is he a talented actor but he has the best melodic voice in the singing industry!


Cheyenne David Jackson does not even look like his age, see it to believe it! According to the U.S. Huffington Post, Cheyenne Jackson is an iconic person seen on a popular television show named Glee. This show is full of talented singers and dancers but surprisingly, Cheyenne Jackson stood out the most.

If you have not heard the man who people has been raving of. Then the perfect way to do so is to listen to his songs because they say, the best way to know someone is through the meaning of the lyrics.


Top 3 songs of Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson has created more than 30 songs on the years 2005 to 2016 and through this, he garnered attention on his unique and meaningful music.

  1. Hold me close
    This is best known to be a bittersweet song on love, it follows the story of someone broken so many times in his/her past romantic relationships. But somehow, that person still wishes to find love from the right person, so he/she wishes to feel appreciated and held important.
  2. The one I wrote for you
    Another romantic song that focuses on two lovers which are head over heels in love. It shows how simple actions of your significant other is enough to affect you, a big smile and kiss is enough reason to love him/her.
  3. I’m blue, skies
    Finding strength in a bad situation is what the song focuses on. People believe that there are no good things that come with bad experiences. But in the song, it says you have to look at it in a different light to be thankful for what you still have.

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